The goal is to achieve success in completing tasks:

  • Providing an opportunity to organize training in developed countries;
  • Providing an opportunity to take part in training courses and programs, advanced training courses, retraining courses, seminars and master classes organized by a professional designer of international level;
  • Possibilities of organizing pre-university education in art and design;
  • Teaching students the necessary practical, technical, intellectual and innovative skills in the field of design and arts;
  • Successful promotion of students to leading universities of art and design around the world;
  • Organization of additional professional education in the field of design, arts, architecture, construction, similar professions;
  • Providing an opportunity to obtain an international certificate in Europe;
  • Providing the opportunity to study at school in Polish, English, French, Russian. Providing the opportunity to teach design and art in Russian in Europe to Russian-speaking people living in Europe, Eurasia and the whole World;
  • Organization of professional retraining of people who took place in completely different professions, not related to design and art;
  • Providing the opportunity to be noticed and employed in different countries of the world;
  • Organization of legal assistance to students in opening their own business or employment in their specialty;
  • Assistance in compiling a portfolio, CV, promotion, networking
  • Professionals in the field of design and arts to receive additional European education in Polish, English, French, Russian, in order to continue private practice in Europe or find a job in their specialty;
  • Training at special courses for designers, architects, artists, restorers, masters of similar professions to generate innovative ideas in the protection and development of historical heritage, the revival of heritage in modern realities, the adaptation of historical buildings to modern needs;
  • Organization of educational events, seminars, webinars, master classes, summer schools, intensive courses, conferences, visits to exhibitions, galleries, historical sites, museums, parks, visits to professional design studios, workshops, industries, factories, salons, shops;
  • Organization of publications, teaching aids, books, articles and other publications in the field of design and arts;
  • Teaching skills in the field of psychology and other intellectual, spiritual and innovative skills necessary for full-fledged work with the surrounding space.
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