Author of Lighting Design Course

Tuzova Olga
International lighting designer. Diploma in lighting design and LED technology, ambassador of the London project "Women in the Light" in Russia, founder of the first online lighting design school for Russian cities, teacher, coach, practitioner. A person who brings light and is in love with his profession.
2019. Ambassador of the London project "Women in the Light" in Russia:

2018. September. Speech at a conference in Darc room (London, UK)

2018. September. Master class for directors of a large lighting industry (Moscow, Russia)

2018. August. Light show with the Tallinn University of Neurotechnology on the New Stage of the Alexandria Theater (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2018. From July. Cooperation with an Italian lighting design studio (Milan, Italy)

June 2018 Cooperation with a Japanese-French company located in Hong Kong

2018. January-March. Collaboration with the Irish Lighting Company (Monaghan, Ireland)

2017. October. Industrial Course on Luminaire Design (Milan, Italy)

2017. August. Finalist of the installation competition as part of a light show (Gatchina, Russia)

2017. April-July. Lighting for 3 performances, directed by Paolo Calafiore in Italy (Milan, Rome, Naples)

2016-2017 Obtaining a master's degree at Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy)

2015-2016 Head of Lighting Design Department. Moscow, Russia

Launch of the first online school of lighting design for Russian cities

Speaker at "LIDS" conferences (Russia)

2011-2014 Lighting designer (Moscow, Russia)

2011 - MAE Lighting Technique and Design (Moscow, Russia)

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